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Lease Agreement



Looking for property, whether its commercial or residential has become a challenge from getting a specific amount for a specific period of time from one party to selling the land. CSEG aims at building a prosperous and perpetual property solutions by providing property leasing and reselling services at a click away. Our team of skilled professionals are available to assist you through out your property search journey and ensure the fulfillment of every prerequisite being applied by the legal bodies.

Our expertise coincide from providing construction services and leasing to reselling, and set industry benchmark. Your estate needs are addressed from range of residential properties, resorts and business complex to transfer of properties and meeting compliance with other legislation, we take care of everything. Property registrations follows an strictly regulated laws and it is ensure that property status such as, ownership of property, details of owners, property details and ownership limits and associated records are available.

The process of reselling or leasing are often cumbersome, however, we are always prepared and updated with any changes in the legislation and make the process quick and easy while ensuring that the terms remain unambiguous.

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