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Slurry Seals


Damage to road is caused by multiple factors including heavy rainfall, leakage of vehicle fluids and it causes economic loss, also the damage is caused by environmental factors, excessive loading and construction quality. With increasing traffic, road maintenance has become a challenging job and slurry seals provide cost effective yet durable solutions to asphalt maintenance. Chip seals are also used for the maintenance of roads, however, slurry seals are cheaper and more durable than any other typical seal type. We provide best and cheap solutions for road maintenance while ensuring premium quality and durability with high quality mix of aggregate minerals, water, emulsified asphalt and additives.

Slurry seals have applications for roads with low to moderate distress and used to seal cracks, restore pavement surface, strengthen and underlying pavement structure. The level of sealing is also determined by examining road condition such as, small surface cracks or low traffic areas to raveling. Different types of sealing is used to fill small surface cracks to existing pavement and sever surface damage to provide flexibility and build anti-skid surface. Slurry seals are used to prevent waterponding and reduce hydroplaning to provide better grip to vehicles during rainfall.

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